Wake Up Call for Outdated Expensive Hotel Phone Systems: MICROS-Fidelio Certifies 3CX Phone System

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3CX Delivers a Low-Cost, Feature-Rich Phone System for All Hotels

LONDON, 3 January 2013 – 3CX, developer of the award winning Windows VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, announced today that MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRS), the world’s leading developer of enterprise applications for hotels, has officially confirmed the compatibility of 3CX Phone System with three MICROS-Fidelio Property Management System suites, allowing hotel owners and managers to leverage the industry’s most feature-rich and cost-effective IP PBX for their hotels. The official approval of 3CX Phone System by MICROS means it is now fully-supported by MICROS.

3CX Phone System Helps Hotels Compete in a Challenging Economy

Standard hotel PBX‘s provide limited features and are very expensive to purchase and maintain, and phone systems approved by MICROS-Fidelio are even more expensive. 3CX Phone System requires far less initial investment than other hotel phone systems and reduces maintenance fees. Lowering both the purchase price and phone bills drives down overall costs, which is crucial to hotels looking to leverage any opportunity to remain competitive in a challenging economic environment. 3CX Phone System also includes more features than many MICROS-Fidelio approved PBX‘s.

3CX Phone System works hand in hand with MICROS-Fidelio, and we’re pleased to be officially confirmed compatible with three MICROS-Fidelio Property Management Systems,” said Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX. “Our technology integrates perfectly with MICROS-Fidelio solutions. The hotel and hospitality space is a tremendous opportunity for us, and the backing of MICROS, the leading hotel PMS vendor, brings us to the doorstep of thousands of the world’s finest hotels and some of its premier chains.

3CX Phone System Unified Communications Features Integrated within the MICROS-Fidelio PMS Interface

3CX Phone System provides users with core hotel telephony functions from within the MICROS-Fidelio property management system interface, such as guest name display, wake up calls, DND, check-in and checkout.

Advanced Unified Communications features allow front-desk, management, and sales staff to work more efficiently, whilst still using the hotel’s existing analog phones.

Prestigious Hotels Worldwide are Leveraging 3CX’s 5 Star Hotel PBX Features

A number of the world’s finest hotels currently use 3CX Phone System, including Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados, the Maierl-Alm in Austria, the Castelnou Aparthotel in Belgium, Intercontinental Hotels in Malta and Oman, the Best Western Gouda, Netherlands, and Holiday Inn Express hotels in the Netherlands.

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MICROS-Fidelio Certifies 3CX VOIP Phone System
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