3CX Phone System PBX / Server Features

Server resolves Caller ID to Phonebook entry

  • With the use of the company phonebook the PBX can now match a caller ID to a contact record and show the person’s name next to the caller ID
  • Customer name now shown in IP Phone screen
  • Customer name shown in 3CX MyPhone


  • Notification of key PBX events
  • To Windows Event Log, 3CX Server Log, Email
  • Events of which you can be notified
    • Status of trunk changes
    • License limit is reached
    • Backup rule is triggered
    • PBX blacklists an IP Address
    • Dialing of emergency number


  • IP Blacklist
    • Auto-block IPs that guess passwords
    • Can blacklist static single IP or a whole range (Entire Countries)
    • You can add additional IPs
  • Control remote extensions
    • Ability to block extensions from registering outside the network
    • Force remote extensions to use tunnel


  • 3CX Phone provisioning with PnP
  • Improved provisioning page
    • Provision Speed dials
    • Dial codes (status change)
    • Custom codes

Recording Prompts and Greetings

  • System prompts
    • Ability to record and play by phone
    • System Prompts and Digital Receptionist greetings

More Version 10 Features

  • Class of Service – Configure outbound rules for extension groups
  • Voicemail Features
  • Forward a voicemail message to another extension
  • Message callback option

System Optimization

  • Complete G722 support
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Media Server performs better
  • Native 64-bit version available

Download 3CX v9 Phone System for Windows today!


3CX Phone System Version 10 Features
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