3CX Assistant and 3CX MyPhone Now Integrated

3CX MyPhone is Web based

  • Moved to Silverlight based Web App
  • Easier to deploy, update
  • Runs in browser or as “browser” desktop app
  • Runs on Mac
  • Plans to port to:

Main Window

  • Main screen shows more information
    • Your user status with active forward rule if configured
    • Missed calls and MWI icons


  • See presence of users
  • See where calls are forwarded

Active Calls

  • One tab shows all inbound, outbound & missed calls
  • Call lists are server based so independent from client

Receiving calls

  • Inbound call shows caller ID, caller name, and ONLY buttons for actions that can be performed on an incoming call
  • Context sensitive buttons
    • For inbound call – reject, send to Voice Mail
    • Active call – transfer, park

Launching a call

  • Enter name or number in the main screen
  • Using hotkey
  • From Call History


  • Easy to use conference tab
    • Create and manage conferences
    • Add active calls to conferences

Easy 3CX MyPhone Deployment

  • 3CX MyPhone link included in welcome email
    • Click to load in web browser
    • Or install local copy that auto starts and uses different size then default browser size
  • TAPI/ Outlook / CRM integration can be installed from browser
  • Bookmark multiple URLS to monitor multiple sites
  • Web link for 3CX MyPhone is included in the extension welcome email
  • Users can also install a shortcut by clicking on “Install Locally” link


  • Choice of 3 built-in themes (more to come)
  • Ability to create own themes with CSS & XML

Improved Outlook Integration

  • Click 2 Dial
  • Call Journaling
  • Popup contact record of caller
  • Works with Outlook, Salesforce.com and other CRMs

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3CX Assistant v10 and 3CX MyPhone v10
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