By empowering your staff to telecommute using modern technologies such as Paperless Document Management Systems, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Voice-over-IP (VoIP), workers are able to work efficiently and seamlessly from any location.

Telecommuting provides the following benefits to your staff: 

  • Saves fuel and minimizes pollution by reducing or eliminating motor vehicle travel to the office.
  • Saves time that would otherwise be wasted during travel. Employees can begin working later than if they had to commute, they can work longer each day and they can be home earlier to spend more quality with their families.
  • Builds a happier workforce by eliminating the costly and stressful commute to the office
  • Employees eat healthier and save money by eating their own food at their own house
  • Saves on “soft” employee time and expenses such as fuel, eating out, maintaining a full business wardrobe.
  • Avoids the transmission of germs, cold and viruses. Employees stay healthier in the absence of coworker personal contact

Telecommuting provides these benefits to your business:

  • Less office space is required, which saves on rent for square footage and electricity associated with a full-time on-site staff.
  • Saves on “soft” company expenses such as housekeeping, coffee, water, paper, etc.
  • Employees take less sick days because they get sick less and are more prone to work while sick because they do not have to make the commute and worry about spreading germs to coworkers.