Updated July 18, 2016

3CX Phone System for Windows3CX Phone System is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) that your company makes.

All editions support an unlimited number of extensions. Request a quote for a complete phone system including hardware.

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3CX Version 14 Pricing Depreciated as of July 11, 2016. Click Here for v15 Pricing.

3CX VoIP Phone System Professional Edition Pricing

Part Number

3CX Phone System Professional Product Edition
All Versions Include 1st Year of Software Maintenance

Sim. Calls

Maintenance(Per Year)

3CXPSPROF4 3CX Phone System Pro 4 SC
3CXPSPROF8 3CX Phone System Pro 8 SC
3CXPSPROF16 3CX Phone System Pro 16 SC
3CXPSPROF32 3CX Phone System Pro 32 SC
3CXPSPROF64 3CX Phone System Pro 64 SC
3CXPSPROF128 3CX Phone System Pro 128 SC
3CXPSPROF256 3CX Phone System Pro 256 SC
3CXPSPROF512 3CX Phone System Pro 512 SC
3CXPSPROF1024 3CX Phone System Pro 1024 SC

3CX VoIP Phone System Standard Edition Pricing

Part Number

3CX Phone System Standard Product Edition
All Versions Include 1st Year of Software Maintenance

Sim. Calls
Maintenance (Per Year)
3CXPS4 3CX Phone System Standard 4 SC
3CXPS8 3CX Phone System Standard 8 SC
3CXPS16 3CX Phone System Standard 16 SC
3CXPS32 3CX Phone System Standard 32 SC
3CXPS64 3CX Phone System Standard 64 SC
3CXPS128 3CX Phone System Standard 128 SC
3CXPS268 3CX Phone System Standard 256 SC
3CXPS512 3CX Phone System Standard 512 SC
3CXPS1024 3CX Phone System Standard 1024 SC


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  • Each new license includes one year of free maintenance, providing 3CX Phone System is correctly activated with the details of the company that is using the software.

  • A maintenance package entitles you to free updates of 3CX Phone System, including patches, 3CX tested IP Phone firmware updates, 3CXPhone client updates and of course any new versions that are released.

  • After the first year, you must purchase maintenance WITHIN 30 days of the maintenance expiry date to continue receiving these benefits.

  • If you do not renew your maintenance and wish to upgrade to the latest version once a new version is released, you will have to buy a version upgrade.


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