Manhattan New York Area Code 212 Phone Numbers For Sale

RARE Manhattan 212 Area Code Phone Numbers!

You can have almost immediate access and ownership to any of 212 area code phone numbers in our inventory. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

These rare 212 area code phone numbers are completely “Portable” to any landline, VoIP provider, or cellular service. They are perfect for any business looking to establish a Manhattan presence with a well-established 212 area code phone number.


NOTE: The phone numbers for sale are live active working telephone numbers on NexVortex, a leading Voice-over-IP communications provider.

What you are buying from Jomar is a phone number which is currently on the NexVortex VoIP provider network. Once you purchase the phone numbers from Jomar, you are free to transfer the number to any phone carrier of your choosing, provided your carrier has the capability to port numbers.

Jomar and NexVortex make no guarantee as to how quickly your phone carrier facilitates the actual number porting and transfer.

You will need a NexVortex account in order for Jomar to transfer your new phone numbers to you. If you do not already have a NexVortex account, click here to create a new account. NexVortex offers plans with no committment if you plan to port your phone numbers to another provider.

Once you have a NexVortex account, your new numbers will be instantly transferred to your account. You can begin using your new numbers immediately.

After the numbers are transferred, you can:

  • Keep your new phone numbers on NexVortex and configure company’s phone system for use with the new numbers. Don’t have a phone system?
  • Keep your new phone numbers on NexVortex and configuring call forwarding to forward to any other phone number.
  • Port your new phone numbers from NexVortex to your preferred telecommunications provider.

Please contact your Jomar account manager for details.